Mental Health Blog

Changing My Mental Wellbeing in 2019!


It is far too easy to put pressure on yourself and cram double a possible work and life-load into one day - yet I still seem to continue to do it?! With some proactive changes to how we approach each day I am hopeful we can all significantly improve our mental wellbeing!

Who is sharing Christmas this year?!


When you ask your pupils, students and colleagues "did you have a nice Christmas" when you return to work - consider stopping and listening to the answer they give. How many of those you ask will simply be putting on a brave face, or providing an answer they feel is 'the right one'?

Whose Corner Are You In?


When I had my own 'mini referral unit' for pre-16s, every Christmas Day I text each and every one of them to say that we were thinking of them, we hoped they were OK and that we were looking forward to seeing them again soon.

Who doesn't need a bit of this in their life?!!


Admit it - when was the last time you had a wiggle and a giggle - with people outside of your nearest and dearest?

Remembering Lasts All Year Round


When we quite rightly remember those that fell for us in historic battles, we should spare a thought for those who have been lost both in recent conflicts and otherwise taken away too soon.

Do you hear voices?


Many of us may be able to plan some peace and quiet time however, someone living with Psychosis may not have that luxury as they may hear voices which they quite simply cannot switch off...

Everyday Noises Can Trigger PTSD


For every person that hears a loud 'BANG' when a firework is let off, another person will have the symptoms of PTSD triggered...

Do you find many people struggle with how to talk about Mental Health and Illnesses?


I hope I am right in my thinking that stigma around mental health and wellbeing is being reduced and people are more comfortable with talking about mental illnesses in public conversation?

Preparing Your Workplace for Inclusive Mental Wellbeing


We can prepare for activities, visits and social occasions relatively easily, but do we do so well at ensuring our workplaces are safe and supportive for employees and visitors that live with mental illness?

Sudden Bereavement Can Affect Mental Wellbeing


Losing a family member (a person or a pet) can suddenly turn a person's world upside down. There may be aspects they are not yet able to understand, to accept or they may not have the capacity to share their focus around accepting some form of closure and juggling other aspects in their life.