‘Progress’, is a part of ‘Building Better Opportunities’ - a programme funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund to tackle poverty and social exclusion faced by the most disadvantaged people in England.


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English and Maths Functional Skills Delivery

We deliver weekly sessions, to a maximum of six learners at the following locations:


Mondays 9.30-12:

- Sydni Centre (Royal Leamington Spa)

Mondays 1-3.30:

- Hatters Space (Nuneaton)

Thursdays 9.30-12:

- Tyler House (Stratford-upon-Avon)

Thursdays 11-1:

* EXAMS ONLY: The Wheelhouse *

Thursdays 1-3.30:

- The Wheelhouse (inside the Council House, Earl Street, Coventry)
On average, learners engage in delivery for a maximum of 12 weeks however, some learners may be ready to sit exams before this time and others wish to engage longer...
(Learners that miss an exam will be required to provide formal documentation explaining their absence)



Progress Course Referrals

Please contact progress@thelec.org.uk to make a referral. We can generally make a place immediately available to a new learner. To ensure that we can maintain this high standard, should a learner miss three weeks of delivery, they may be temporarily removed from the course until their Coach agrees they are ready to re-commit.

* 90 learners are funded until December 2018, this averages 3 referrals per month * 


The aim is to provide learning opportunities at all geographical locations, it is NOT to have each provision filled


The referral process is as follows:

  1. Referral partners email us to request a 'BksB' login as they believe they have a learner ready to engage in developing their English and Maths skills;
  2. Learners complete the online BksB English and Maths initial and diagnostic assessments with the referral partner (we will provide login details);
  3. Referral partners arrange to visit the next available session to bring (a) learner (b) completed referral form (c) English and Maths BksB diagnostic print outs
  4. Learners visit at the very beginning of the session with their mentor and have a 2-2-1 conversation before the other learners arrive: previous learning, risks etc., progression intentions ("warm handover");
  5. Learners leave and return the following week to start their formal learning.


End of Course Progression

Where a learner sucessfully completes a formal exam (qualification), they will be most welcome to attend to complete the level above, once they achieve 60% on their BksB diagnostic at that new level


All courses have current availability at this time


To find out more about Progress, the Partnership and for all the latest news stories, updates and case studies please visit the Progress website: www.groundwork.org.uk/progress