L2 Safeguarding

This AIM Awards qualification provides learners with the knowledge of safeguarding in both work situations and in daily life. The Learn2 course further provides an understanding of the differing roles and responsibilities of agencies involved in safeguarding children within both Coventry and Warwickshire and the importance of inter-agency co-operation and working.

Learners will:

  • expand their understanding of what is meant by safeguarding and the associated risks and duty of care
  • develop knowledge of the methods to record and report safeguarding 'concerns' and 'referrals'
  • gain an understanding of formal processes that aid safeguarding e.g. 'Common Assessment Frameworks' and 'Safer Recruitment' whilst working alongside collegaues and agencies such as Social Care, Police, Health, Education, Children's, 'LAC' teams and Parents/Carers.

This qualification is aimed at anyone who requires a more in-depth understanding of risk, safeguarding and duty of care in their work environment/daily lives or to increase their employment progression in certain sectors.


It is appropriate for learners aged 16+ who:

  • hold a level 1 Safeguarding certificate completed within the last 12 months* or completed their level 2 within the last 24 months
  • were appointed within the last 12 months to an organisation that works with children and/or vulnerable adults
  • are in regular contact with children/vulnerable adults/families and work alongside different agencies and in different settings
  • work alongside statutory, voluntary and independent agences that work with children/vulnerable adults/families e.g. Social Care, Police, Health, Education teams
  • may be required to report a safeguarding 'concern' or 'referral'
  • may be required to participate** in a 'Common Assessment Framework' (CAF) process
  • may be required to participate** in a 'Safer Recruitment' process

* a copy of the (approved) certificate will be required in order to recognise as prior learning (RPL)

** this course is not suitable for learners who may be required to lead these processes


Qualification Details

  • 16 Guided Learning Hours
  • 2 credits from completion of 2 mandatory units
  • Internal assessment will take place at the centre during the course

Read the full AIM Awards Qualification Guide here


Unit Details


Course Costs

£75 per person - delegates who hold a level 1 Safeguarding ceritifcate within the last 12 months
£150 per person - delgates who wish to attend the level 1 Safeguarding course the day prior/within 12 months