L3 Assessor


This Open College Network West Midlands qualification is for learners starting to, or are currently undertaking an assessor role.


Assessing Vocational Achievement *

This specific qualification is for learners who assess non-NVQ or non-competence-based vocational qualifications within the Qualifications Credit Framework.


Assessing Competence in the Work Environment **

This specific qualification is for learners who are required to assess occupational competence.


*Both Assessor qualifications are part of the 'TAQA Suite' of qualifications* An actual TAQA qualification DOES NOT EXIST!



  • It is appropriate for learners aged 19+
  • Learners must hold a qualification alongside knowledge, skills and understanding related to the area of assessment
  • Learners must have the capacity to complete a minimum of two assessments with at least two of their own learners (therefore a minimum of at least four assessments in total) *Simulations are not permitted*


Qualification Details

  • 54 GLH; delivered over two days and one visit
  • 9 credits from 2 mandatory units
  • Portfolios are internally verified at our centre

Download the full Open College Network West Midlands Qualification Guide here


Unit Details

1) Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment. 3 credits, 24 GLH         (Delivered unit)

      following by ONE of the following:

2a) Assess Vocational Skills, Knowledge and Understanding *. 6 credits, 30 GLH​ (Observed unit)

2b) Assess Occupational Competence in the Work Environment **. 6 credits, 30 GLH (Observed unit)


Evidence for all learning outcomes must come from performance in the real environment (no simulations are permitted). There must be evidence to cover all of the assessment methods listed in the unit. As a minimum, there must be performance evidence for at least three of the following assessment methods: 

- assessments of the learner in simulated environments 

- skills tests 

- oral and written questions 

- assignments 

- projects 

- case studies 

- recognising prior learning 



Recommended Reading

You may find it beneficial to purchase the following book prior to the course (and to support your assignment research):

Practical Teaching: a Guide to Teaching in the Education and Training Sector. Linda Wilson. ISBN: 978 1 40807 602 6 (Amazon link)


Course Costs

  • £375 per person
  • £2100 per group (multiples of 6)


Principles & Practices of Assessment Dates

(Reverse order - please read through to find your preferred date)

  • September 2020: Mon 14, Tue 15, Wed 16
  • June 2020: Mon 15, Tue 16, Wed 17
  • March 2020: Mon 2, Tue 3, Wed 4
  • December 2020: Mon 9, Tue 10, Wed 11
  • September 2019: Mon 16, Tue 17, Wed 18



Your practical (observed) unit will be arranged for a mutually convenient date at completion of the above unit



* Book your place through the website or via our freephone number *

* Places offered on a first come, first served basis *

* Pick up is available from the local railway station * 

* Please advise at time of booking should you require disabled assistance *