L3 Education Training (PTTLS)

This Award replaced the Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS)


This Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) qualification provides an introduction to teaching and training in a variety of contexts. It offers trainee teachers and individuals currently training and assessing, the knowledge and understanding required for teaching.



It is appropriate for learners aged 19+ who are:

  • not currently teaching or training; the qualification has one element of micro-teaching built into the course
  • currently teaching and training
  • currently working as Assessors that wish to achieve a qualification that provides an introduction to teaching


Qualification Details

  • 120 hours TQT (Total Qualification Time)
  • 48 GLH (Guided Learning Hours) *this course is delivered over FIVE days*
  • 12 credits comprised of: 3 from Group A, 6 from Group B, 3 from Group C
  • 1 hour of micro-teaching for learning and development units (15 min observed and assessed, 45 min delivering or observing)
  • Portfolios are internally verified at our centre

Download the full TQUK Qualification Specification here


Unit Details

  • (A) Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training **. 3 credits, 12 GLH
  • (B) Understanding and Using Includive Teaching and Learning Approaches in Education and Training. 6 credits, 24 GLH
  • (C) Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment***. 3 credits, 24 GLH

** Learners may be required to submit an assignment addressing these outcomes prior to course commencement

*** This unit is accepted as an Assessor qualification by some organisations, e.g. the HSE (First Aid Assessor) (page 4)


Recommended Reading

You may find it beneficial to purchase the following book prior to the course (and to support your assignment research):

Practical Teaching: a Guide to Teaching in the Education and Training Sector. Linda Wilson. ISBN: 978 1 40807 602 6 (Amazon link)


Course Costs

  • £350 per person (open courses)
  • £1950 per group (group booking, multiples of 6)


Individual 2018 Course Delivery Dates 

(Reverse order - please read through to find your preferred date)

  • September 2020: Mon 14, Tue 15, Wed 16, Mon 21, Tue 22
  • June 2020: Mon 15, Tue 16, Wed 17, Thur 24, Fri 25
  • March 2020: Mon 2, Tue 3, Wed 4, Tue 10, Wed 11
  • December 2019: Mon 9, Tue 10, Wed 11, Mon 16, Tue 17



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* Places offered on a first come, first served basis *

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