Education and First Aid Training in Coventry, Warwickshire and the Midlands


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Mission Statement

To provide high quality, accredited and standardised training, delivered professionally, at prices affordable to organisations throughout Coventry, Warwickshire, Solihull and the Midlands



  • to foster a positive approach to learning essential principles and encourage confidence in delivering learned skills
  • to develop physical competence in learned skills
  • to adapt courses in-line with learner needs
  • to adapt course delivery timings to suit each organisation’s time constraints


Meet Our Team

Picture of Becki

Founder: Becki Coombe

Becki, a qualified and experienced teacher and trainer, has been delivering educational and vocational courses to learners between the ages of fourteen to fifty (and probably a little bit more?!) for over fifteen years.

Becki prides herself on engaging learners, recognising and understanding their needs and subsequently delivering course requirements simply and effectively, with the minimum of 'red tape' and the maximum of understanding in relation to their personal circumstances.



Read academic studies written by Becki:

Will a school achieving Progress 8 success enable all learners to positively progress?            (June 2016)

How 'RONI’* data collection and its use for identifying potential NEET** learners varies between schools that are provided it by their Local Authority (May 2015)    

Benefits of 'red RONI' learners pre-qualifying for EHCPs***, specifically to enforce additional statuatory support in progressing positively at Post 16 (April 2016)

Evolution of the SENCO**** Role (May 2017)

Nurture Groups: Part A - Child Study. Part B - Reflection (April 2017)

Nurture Groups: Reflection (Teaching and Learning Academy) (December 2017)

Effect of heart rate intensity during physical exercise, on Autistic sterotyped behaviours (November 2006)


*Risk of NEET** Indicators

**Not in Education, Employment or Training

*** Education, Health and Care Plans

**** Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator