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Realising you have overcome the anxiety is a great feeling!


Those that live with challenges of increased stress and anxiety very often know that the feeling will pass - however this doesn't necessarily help at the time!

New situations can very often increase levels of stress and anxiety


Spare a thought for those around you that may have such increased levels of anxiety that it actually stops them from engaging or has other negative impacts on their life - very often on a daily basis...

Has 'fitting in' changed much since 1978?!...


Back in 1978 poor old Sandra Dee didn't feel as though she fit in. How do you and your workplace make efforts to ensure that people living with mental illness know and understand that they fit in on a day-to-day basis?

Prince Harry supporting those will Mental Health and Wellbeing


Damn you're a good-un Harry - no wonder Megan snapped you up!

Stress & PTSD: Physical & Mental Health First Aid


Experiencing a traumatic event such as a road traffic collision can bring about the onset of shock - which may be initially treated by physical first aid.

Redundancies and other workplace changes affect Employees Mental Health and Wellbeing


When changes happen in the workplace, we should try to make an extra effort to ensure that the affected person(s) receive some extra TLC. Whatever they show on the outside may be very different to what they are experiencing on the inside...

Mental Health Affects Celebrities Too!!


In this artcle, nine celebrities share their stories of how their mental wellbeing has been negatively impacted, many over a period of years. 

Can what you wear in bed help your mental wellbeing?!!


After everything our brains and mental capacity process in a day - who wouldn't want to fall asleep 15 minutes quicker than the average?

World Mental Health Day and UK Appoints Suicide Prevention Minister


What a fantastic way to celebrate World Mental Health Day - our PM has appointed a 'suicide prevention minister'  <

Why is someone who has experienced mental illness publicly criticising others?


A somewhat conflicting Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing post here!